5 Must-Read Romance Novels For a Perfect Date Night

If you're looking to add some romance to your next date night, look no further than these 5 must-read romance novels. From steamy and sexy to sweet and heartwarming, there's something here for every type of date night -- plus it'll give you something to talk about with your significant other! So get comfy on the couch, grab some ice cream and don't forget the popcorn! Here are 5 of the best romance novels to enjoy with your loved one tonight...

The Devil Wears Prada

If you’re not sure what to read next or need some inspiration, look no further than The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. The nonfiction novel tells the story of Andrea Sachs, an aspiring journalist who moves to New York City for a career in magazine journalism. As she quickly discovers, her job is anything but glamorous and actually goes against everything she’s always stood for as a journalist. If you haven’t seen The Devil Wears Prada movie starring Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt yet (and even if you have), I highly recommend picking up a copy of its source material. It's one of my favorite chick lit novels!

Pride and Prejudice

What makes Pride and Prejudice such an enduring favorite among romance novel readers is that it’s not just about falling in love; it’s about having your preconceived notions challenged by what you discover in another person. You might not find yourself in Elizabeth Bennet, but she manages to make you want to be a better version of yourself as well as imagine how her relationship with Mr. Darcy plays out. This is why Pride and Prejudice tops many romance readers' lists for favorite novels. Don't miss out on it. It's great for date night!

The Notebook

Since there are over one million romance novels on Amazon (and many more not available to Kindle users), it can be difficult to know where to start. The first place to look is The New York Times Best Seller list, since these titles are consistently some of the most popular among romance readers. One of these NYT best sellers is Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook . This book tells a sweet love story between Noah and Allie and uses prose that evokes an abundance of feelings in readers. If you’re looking for an easy read that will keep you engaged from beginning to end, try The Notebook .

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

The book explores what happens when you hook up with someone who’s all wrong for you, but is still totally charming. Anyone who’s ever gone out with a guy who they know they shouldn’t, but love anyway will relate to Andie. Both from Manhattan and looking for love in all of the wrong places. Let’s just say that when it comes to romance novels Meg & Andy have got it spot on... Everything leads up to one of those fancy dinners where (spoiler alert) she loses him at last. The sparks are flying and you can bet your bottom dollar there's going to be steamy scenes that'll definitely get your heart racing. In summary: Total chick flick of your dreams! 5 Stars! (*end spoiler*)

Gone Girl

This 2014 bestseller features a complex and compelling storyline that will keep you turning pages. The book has received both praise and criticism from critics but remains one of the most widely read (and talked about) novels of our time. Its release also coincided with some interesting sociological observations; sales went up 10,000% on Amazon within hours of its publication and at least 753 people changed their Facebook relationship status to married shortly after finishing it. What other novel could claim such social influence? Love wins!


If you’re looking for new ways to surprise your significant other or reconnect with an old flame, romance novels can help. These classic tales of love and passion are filled with touching moments and steamy sex scenes, leaving you with plenty of ideas for spicing up your life. Read these five must-read romance novels before ordering flowers or booking a hotel room. You won’t be disappointed.

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